Friday, January 1, 2010

Poor Little Girl with the Mumps

Poor little Sherry - in January of 1962 she came down with the mumps on both sides. It all started with Bill who did have them but very lightly and didn't even have any swelling. Sherry really had a classic case of them. Then I got in on the act and was swollen on one side. Many adults in Ft. Madison had them that year. Eventually it all went away and things got back to normal. Our little girl certainly was swollen but she is giving us a sweet smile anyway.

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  1. Carol, when we were vacinated for the Measles there was a batch of shots that were not any good. Wouldn't you know it but my baby brother and I got the measles and boy oh boy were we sick. I was in 5th grade and I will never forget it. Those vacination shots are a good deal, cause when you get the illnesses you are surely sorry. Leif's dad use to tell us a story about when he got polio and was sent away with a neighbor boy to a hospital that was very isolated and they were there for months and months until they were allowed to return home. The little boy ended up being very weak for life on one side of his body but Leifs dad only had a bad lung and a smaller leg because of it. Again aren't we lucky to have those shots to prevent these illnesses now a days.