Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School Days

From an old newspaper picture, this shows my mother, Nan, and some of her little schoolmates sitting outside what I am certain would be Glen Oak School in Peoria, Illinois. Mom is the little girl in the dark outfit and hat on the left next to the two little girls in white aprons. It is not a very clear picture, but I wanted to include it here in my blog. You can tell that these are sweet little school girls.
Another sweet little school girl dear to my heart is the little girl in the sailor collar and big hairbow sixth from the right counting all the children sitting at their desks. That is my Aunt Leah and I have no idea what grade she would have been in. Maybe sixth or seventh. Long, long ago!

One more school picture of one of the Pearce children. This time it is Harry who is on the left side, third back in a white shirt and tie. Maybe fourth or fifth graders. I enjoy old school pictures - a moment in time. (Click to enlarge)

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