Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Fun Pictures

I have seen quite a few pictures featuring people sitting on the "moon" back in the earlier years of the last century. These young couples seem to be having a great time posing for their picture. All are dressed up and looking good. I don't know these folks nor do I know

these cute little kids - probably a brother and sister. Don't you just love his short pants and long stockings? The little girl is looking very cute in her pretty dress and a nice necklace.

But I do know these nice ladies! My Aunt Leah and my grandmother, Maggie, looking out of the "airplane". They would have been in California visiting Nelle, my other aunt. This was in one of the latest group of pictures my brother sent me. I love this one! (Click to enlarge)

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  1. These are so much fun. Love these kind of photos. I've never seen one with a plane. I have one of myself with two friends taken in the 60s in Santa Cruz, CA standing in front of a car with me holding the steering wheel. Silly and wonderful.

    Take a look at my photo site for the book in the Amazon column called "Prairie Fires and Paper Moons". If you can find a cheap copy somewhere grab it. I really think you'd enjoy it. They have a few pages of these type of photos. The whole book is nothing but real photo postcards, one man's collection. It's outstanding.