Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Glorious Hats Worn by the Pearces

In the pictures of the Pearce family, there are many that show the lovely Pearce ladies wearing wonderful hats. With four women in the family and all of them dressing up a lot from what shows up in the photos, I wonder where they kept all the bonnets. I have isolated the headgear and saved them in a file from which I will post three or four at a time. Most of these photos are not in this blog but rather in my Funoldhag blog where they are featured on Fashion Friday, so if you do keep track of FOH you will have seen most of these. Anyway, they are cute enough for a repeat.
My mom, Nan, and her mom, Maggie, at the cottage wearing what I think is called a dustcap. I remember Grandma wearing one when she would be cleaning. I continue to be amazed when I see my grandmother in this and other pictures when she was young. I think she was very pretty and I remember her always as so much older.
Love this picture of my mother with her coy smile. And isn't that an adorable hat?

Little Nan and her big sister, Nelle, in matching outfits with cute little hats featuring a trim of some kind under the brim. Neither girl is looking too thrilled about having their picture taken. I wonder where it was taken in Peoria - there is a big concrete lion behind them.

Probably in the 40's - my Aunt Della, wife of my Uncle Harry, and my Aunt Leah. They both have pretty hats - Del's is frilly and Leah's more tailored to match her outfit. This probably was taken in California. Will post some more hats sometime next week. Hope you enjoy looking at them.
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  1. These are wonderful. I'm enjoying your other blog as well.

  2. Carol - it really is a shame the art of "wearing a hat" is no longer with us (for me to) - don't you think? Jewels

  3. You should have seen the thing that my grandma use to wear on her head to go to ben in so that her set hair wouldn't be crushed. It use to make me just laugh to see her in it.