Thursday, January 21, 2010

More from the Old 1965 Spiegel Catalog

First of all, whatever happened to these? Probably still have halfslips but I haven't seen a full one in a long time. I used to just love pretty lacey slips and slips in pretty colors. It's obvious that we wear pants 99% of the time so there is not much need for this old wardrobe musthave.

And I think there are thirteen pages of various styles of girdles! Wow, that is not something that is worn by many of us anymore. They were so very nice to attach our hosiery to by means of the garters. And it was certainly much easier putting nylons on that way than pulling on pantyhose. However, I think everyone prefers just leaving things as they are and not returning to the old days.

Another page of various "shapers" - love the long black ones.

And Playtex - that old rubber girdle that was popular a little earlier than this catalog. You really needed to use talcum powder to put it on especially if the weather was hot. Wow, how did we do it?

Don't you just love this? Her hair and hairbow are adorable, too.

Let's not leave the young teenagers out - they even have little shapers with garters for them.

These are the two pages in the catalog featuring the panties! My, how things have changed. There are some days of the week sets - but nary a bikini or thong in sight. We all wore "granny panties" like in the Bridget Jones movie.
The old catalogs are fun - it's also amazing what isn't in them. So much has come about in the 45 years since that one was issued. Back then, we would have probably scoffed at the idea of some of the wonderful things we have to make life easier and more enjoyable, thinking things like that could never be. What on earth will come about in the next 45? (Click to enlarge)


  1. Oh these pages look familiar. I'm betting I poured over this book a lot. It was always so exciting when a "wish" catalog arrived, especially the Christmas one.

    After my mother's death I was going through her things and found a handmade slip my father had bought her in Hong Kong in the late 40s. Handmade lace and silk. I couldn't fit in it if my life depended on it, but it's so beautiful I wasn't going to give it away to someone who could.

  2. Ugh - it hurts just looking at the pics! :<