Monday, January 11, 2010

Summer of 1950

Sixty years ago!! Good grief - where did that time go? Here we all are at a picnic in my parents' back yard with lots of the family there. The first fellow on the left side is that nice guy I married about a year before! Then comes Maggie Pearce, my grandmother, and Leah, my aunt. Nan, my mom, is next. Seated at the end are my Uncle Ed and Aunt Henrietta. Now up the other side are Charlie, my dad, and two young fellows from California who were visiting. The remaining two are me and my brother, Bud. Check out the price on the coke - 6 bottles for 25 cents. They were the small bottles - I don't think they had the big ones back then.
Here is a good picture of my dear sister, Joanne. Something really had struck her funny. And another thing I noticed was that checks and plaids must have been really in style!

Here's another gal wearing a checked shirt as she sits with her husband and has a cigarette. Yes, I was a smoker for many, many years - but have been a non-smoker for almost 18 years. That was the way it was back then and of course I wish I had not had the habit, but I did. Ray also smoked but quit a couple of years before I did. Both my Aunt Leah and Aunt Henrietta smoked, but they were some of the few women who did in their age group.
One more lady in a plaid blouse - and it is Aunt Leah being harassed by Ray with the fingers behind the head bit. I think a good time was had by all at the picnic long ago. (Click to enlarge)


  1. Early on after my folks married my mother wanted to try smoking. At the time my father was a smoker. He'd gotten hooked in the Navy during WW2. My dad said "Sure." He lit up a cigarette, handed it to my mom, and as she took a big inhale he hit her hard on the back. He knew it was a nasty habit and that one deep inhale and coughing fit cured my mother. She never smoked. And one day in 1960 my dad got up one morning and threw a nearly full carton in the trash. That was it. He was through with it.

  2. Don't you just love the pop bottles at the picnic. In Bay City we use to have a shop in an old building called the Pop Shop. The whole place was filled with any kind of pop flavor you could dream of in glass bottles and every so often my mom would drive us across town to fill our down stairs fridge with pop. My favorite was the white cream soda and grape pop and non of it was diet like now a days. Good memories. I love the clanging of glass pop bottles when they hit each other. lol

  3. So nice to meet you. I love your blog. The name of your blog really made me pop over here. I love nostalgia, old books, a reminders of the wonderful 50's, when I grew up. I can't seem to get enough of old books and thankfully I live near Concord Massachusetts, home of some wonderful writers and thinkers.

    I love your photographs. I think what I love about this chapter and the ones to come is that a portion of every day is spent embracing memories.