Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Nice Picture

This picture appears in an earlier post but it is a copy of a copy and not good. This one is wonderful with the added bonus of my mother, Nan, sitting in the background by the dining room table in the Pearce home. Anna Reynolds Carroll is my great grandmother, mother of Maggie Pearce. I look at this picture and can remember my grandparents' home very well. What stands out for me so much is the plate rail in the dining room. It looks different, of course, since there is wallpaper, different furniture, but the big opening between the living room and dining room is the same, and I remember the bay window. Missing is an old stained glass chandelier that must have been installed later. It always reminded me of an umbrella - I wonder whatever happened to it. (I just checked out my post and I DID spot what I am sure is the old chandelier - just a bit of it on the right hand upper side of the picture right below the plate rail!)
This is one of the plates that was on that plate rail. I have had this for many, many years and don't remember just exactly how I got it. There are no markings on the back and I am sure it is not worth a lot of money but I just love it. I'm so glad the Pearces took lots of pictures!
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  1. Actually, Carol, It was probably hand painted by a relative. I have several of our family china pieces and they are a huge treasure to my mom and I. Most of ours were signed by my great grandma and great great grandma, but like anything some are not. The stories that came with them from my grandma always involved who painted it and why. So your plate is most likely painted by a family or close friend of the family years back, I am sure. Enjoy!!!