Saturday, January 9, 2010

How Ads Have Changed

In looking around on the web, I ran across some "sextist ads" and that prompted me to search further. I have a dozen of them and thought you might get a kick out of an occasional post containing two or three of them.

Can you believe that it wasn't that many years ago when this is how advertising went? I am sure these were in the time that I was a young bride or mother and the mindset at the time was for women to be very "Martha Stewartish". Don't get me wrong, I kind of like Martha and she definitely bows down to no one! This was the time of frilly little aprons, shelf paper, having hubby's slippers ready - at least, that's the way things were represented in magazines.
It was not a bad time to be raising your children and living your life by any means. In fact, it was so much less stressful and demanding for families back then than it is today. Most of the young moms did not work (outside the home, that is!!) and I think most of us really enjoyed life as it was. I truthfully can say that I would not trade our family life for the family life in this day and age.

Now this ad is awful - it's just plain bad manners to blow smoke in a pretty girl's face! However, you see all kinds of dumb ads today that are not sextist - so many of them now are just plain "sexy". So there you go - no one is perfect and no time is perfect. Just have to go with the flow and enjoy being alive while we are. (Click to enlarge)


  1. Those ads are crazy!! I always think how living back then must have been easier to raise a family, but like you said there are/were hardships in every era.
    those ads are pretty hilarious compared to todays PC standards. thanks for the laugh :)

  2. I love those! It's always amazing to see how far we've come and then look around and realize, really...not that far. Women are still browbeaten to be something they're not.

    I have never heard of Pep by Kellogg's. Wonder when they stopped making that?