Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Could be My Relatives

These three pictures were found in a small album that was most certainly put together by my father many years ago. Nothing was written on the pictures or in the album to indicate who the subjects might be, and I do not recognize the woman and her two children. However, since there are quite a few members in Dad's family it could be one of his sisters that I didn't know and her children. What a great picture of the lady in the really great old car. I'll bet that street is a hard one to drive on when it is raining. I feel sure it is the same lady that is the mother to these little kids.
This little girl looks so very well pleased with herself. I am sure she is so proud of her pretty dress and grand hairbow. Also note the tight little curls - surely there were not permanents back then?
The little fellow is looking cute in his sailor-like outfit. Here the mother reads to her little children. Wish I could ask someone about these pictures - but I am afraid it is too late. Although they must have had some connection to my father if they were in his album.
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  1. Carol - the lady in the car (with the wonderful hat) is a hoot! A woman who obviously knows where she is going...