Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here is a wish for you from me for a healthy, happy 2010 and for many years beyond that. May you and yours be able to stay reasonably stress free and relax and enjoy the simple wonders of life.

I was able to find a picture of a long ago New Year's Eve after a square dance. This was in our basement in Ft. Madison back in the late 50's or early 60's. I am sure Ray took this picture. Two of the couples are with the Santa Fe. Also there was the principal of the junior high there in Ft. M., and as I understand it he was one great principal and stood for no shenanigans. Probably could not do his job that way anymore - of course, I am sure he would have been retired a long time ago anyway. One of the fellows is Ray's cousin and the one behind me was a guy who was absolutely the salt of the earth. His wife is in front of me. What a great group of people. Many of New Year Eves were spent at square dances - such fun and such nice people! Wow, time has really flown by! (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Happy New years to you too Carol! Hope you have a fantastic year. Those square dances look like so much fun!!