Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Time in Topeka

Sherry by the fireplace at Christmas time in Topeka in the late 60's. She is wearing a dress I made her and I am sure the spots are on the picture, not the dress. This was our bottle brush tree - the branches were just like green bottlebrushes. I can spot some of the ornaments that have been on our trees for years - especially the little chenille candy canes which we bought for our very first tree. You will notice the candlesticks on the mantel - actually there are four of them. They are chair legs or the pieces between the legs covered in gold gift wrap that you wrinkle up, paint with antiquing glaze, tear it all in pieces and glue to the wood. After it's all glued, you lightly rub on some gold paste like stuff to cover the seams. It actually looked quite good. What a crafty person I was. I also made a big toothpick tree by sticking toothpicks into white styrofoam balls and piling them on top of each other. However, I did not put glue on the toothpicks so it didn't last very long.
Bill built a snow girl in our little front yard. I am sure he was an eighth grader at the time. She had a lovely flip hairdo and was very well endowed. Grinch Mom made him knock off the excess snow. Don't you love his short jeans? That was the style in Topeka. All the guys wore Flag Jackets, too. Fun time in our lives. (Click to enlarge)

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