Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Neighborhood Kids in Ft. Madison

When we moved to Ft. Madison, many of the families that were transferred there both from Chillicothe and from Marceline, Missouri, bought homes in a newer subdivision that was on the edge of town. We were mostly young with families and there were plenty of kids to play with. Our house was on a dead end street which is really great. On one side of us was a family with five children - four girls and one older boy. Sherry played mostly with the two older girls and especially Melinda, the one closest to her in age. Pictured above are Melinda, Jan, Sherry and Toni the next to the youngest. There was one more little girl, Kathy.
On the other side of us was a family with one child - a little boy about a year older than Bill. What a pair of little boys! They were such good buddies and funny little guys. Also in the neighborhood were many other kids and lots of them congregated on the dead end street to play. Back in those days, the kids spent most of the day outside playing. If it was too hot sometimes they would play in our basements. The soil in Ft. Madison was very sandy and at the end of our patio was kind of a sand pile where they could play with their trucks and cars.
The little girls did a lot of sewing for little dolls they got at the dimestore. Sherry and Melinda had all kinds of boxes of things they carried around and would sit under the shade of our one little tree in the front yard to sew - then later on would be on the patio at the back of the house when the shade got around there. One day a little whirlywind came along and scooped up fabric and all kinds of things and swirled it down across the creek behind our house. What a surprise. Nice memories of the neighborhood in Ft. Madison, Iowa - a very good time in our lives. (Click to enlarge)

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