Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas on Crescent Lane

I just spent some time doing some scanning of old pictures of my family - Sherry, Bill, Ray and I. For today, I will just post this picture of our little house on Crescent Lane in Ft. Madison, Iowa, where we moved in January, 1957, when the Santa Fe consolidated the Illinois division with Missouri. Lots of Chillicothe families and Marceline, MO, families made the move and lots and lots of us became fast friends. It was the first of quite a few moves along the railroad. Quite a few of us ended up in the same subdivision and part of living there was putting a big plastic candle that lit up (it came with the house) in front during the holidays. It was very festive especially since some of the families put out some outside decorations. The picture was taken in 1961. More later! :-) (Click to enlarge)

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