Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gloria Ann

For the life of me, I cannot remember who Gloria Ann is but I can remember her. I know she is not related to me, but the name is so very familiar. She might have been the little child of one of my Aunt Leah's friends. However, here she is in her stroller. In the background in the yard next door there is a little boy watching what is going on in the Pearces' yard. That is Newell Smith who I remember playing with when I visited my grandparents. I think I wrote a little about him one other time. He lived with his grandmother and Aunt Rose. His grandma had a very strange voice and my grandma referred to her as "Squeak" - not to her face, I am sure.
Gloria Ann's stroller is parked by one of my grandfather's rock creations. He had several rock gardens and also a fish pond - which is in the second picture. There were goldfish in the pond. Sitting on the little bench is my little brother and sister, Bud and Jo. Behind them is grandpa's rocking chair. Looks like someone has a "fishing pole", too.
Speaking of my "little brother", tomorrow is his birthday! Happy Birthday, Bud! (Click to enlarge)

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