Thursday, December 10, 2009

Opening the Presents in 1961

Whatever is in that box is a hit with Billy! And Sherry is looking happy, also, so it appears that Santa was successful in leaving presents for the little kids on Crescent Lane. I should apologize to my dear daughter for burdening her with my firm belief that all women and little girls had to have curls!! My Shirley Temple hangup! That explains the little pink hairnet she is wearing. The good old times were really good except for some things! Sorry, Honey!!

If you notice over the chest there is a kind of a wall hanging. It was something I found in an old McCall's Needlecrafts (which I took for years) - a felt nativity scene. I cannot remember whether it was glued or sewn. It was mounted on cardboard with gold rickrack around the edge.


  1. Carol, I was born in 62 and my mom also must have loved Shirley Temple. I use to have to go to bed in rag rolls. Do you remember those. The rags that I used were torn from my dad's striped P.J.'s. Then after tossing and turning all night long on the lumps I would have just wonderfully springing spiral curls for a few days. Thanks for making me remember those. I put Elle's hair in sponge rollers no need for ripping up Leif's P.J.'s. lol

  2. so cool!

    And yeah I feel sorry for your daughters head!! My Nana used to get me to help her with her curling rolls when i was little and I used to cringe at how uncomfortable they must be to sleep in. she still wears them at night.