Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Sisters

Bill, my son,  recently got some pictures of Ann, his wife, when she was a little girl from Ruby, her mom.  Here is one that is just right for this time of year!  Ann is in the middle with her older sister, Jane, and younger sister, Martha, beside her.  Their doggie sleeps on the hearth.  Her name may have been Penny but I could be entirely wrong.  The fourth stocking?  The had a new little sister, Marilyn, who is much younger.  I don't know what year she was born, but she was sixteen when Bill and Ann, started dating.  The snowmen in the hoops are so representative of the times back then and Ruby loved to do sewing, crafting, and many of the things I did, also.  In fact, Ruby and Bob were married the same day and year that we were - September 4, 1949 - and we both lived in Chillicothes - Ray and I in Illinois and they lived in Missouri.  They also square danced.  I would say we have a lot in common.   (Click to enlarge)

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