Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Past in Topeka

Last year I posted one or two of the Christmas cards we made for a few years.   Ray was into photography and he would take our pictures for the cards.  For this one, I did some snowflake cutting.  I have two more I will post later on.
Here is a picture of our living room before we went to bed and after Santa had shown up.  Bill was wanting a big bicycle so bad and I think he had looked all over to see if we had bought one.  We kept it at our neighbor's house and put it under the tree the last thing.  He was so thrilled!  Wanted to point out some of my crafty things back in the 60's.  A white bamboo blind, some gold felt and sequins were used to make the Madonna and Child wallhanging.  I also sprayed clay flower pots gold, painted branches white and hung small ornaments on the twigs for a mantel decoration.  On the coffee table (I still have that table in the middle of my living room) is a tree that I think is made out of cotton balls on a cone with ornaments glued to it.  Don't know where those things ended up but they are no longer around.  I can make out that the stocking I made Sherry (and the one for Bill is probably on the other side) lies on the floor and looks like it has been filled.  Good days and good memories! 

The reason I am posting this is for the earrings - it was actually taken a few years earlier when we were still in Iowa.  I am wearing my wooden snowmen that I had for a long time - in fact one of them is still in my old printer's drawer.  Goodness, I was young!  Another picture Ray took - where have the years gone.  (Click to enlarge)

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