Friday, December 3, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday

We have some snow on the ground now - not very much, but snow nevertheless.   It is also the first part of December with signs of the season everyplace.  Many of the homes have their outside lights up and their trees in the windows.  The stores are filled with Christmas merchandise and the sales are in full swing.  Free shipping rules the internet.  Holiday music fills the airwaves and the commercials run full speed on television. Ho, Ho, Ho!!! 

So here is a cute postcard with a fresh faced little boy (or girl) and a pipe smoking snowman  dated 1919.  John is sending Herman a Christmas greeting from Illinois to Iowa.  I am a native of Illinois and I do not know where Grayslake is - will google it!  (I did and found that it's about 40 miles north of Chicato).  I am using the card from Card Cow with permission - they have awesome cards there as I am sure you all know.  Thank you,  Beth at
for being our hostess and a Happy PFF to all.  (Click to enlarge)


  1. It's me, Carol - or my browser. I don't usually use Explorer, but at least I know now what the problem is. I was going to comment yesterday about the Ben Franklin store, as seeing your photo of the interior made me remember how the Ben in my home town smelled!

  2. This card makes me smile!!! Love the snowman and his pipe. Happy snow and Happy PFF!

  3. Gorgeous snowman! I'm trying to make one at the moment (crochet not snow) and I think this will be a great model. :)

    Like MrCachet, I think, I'm having trouble commenting last week and this when I use Firefox or Chrome. I've had to use Internet Explorer.

  4. Love the snowman card. The child looks so happy and the snowman has such an interesting expression.