Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Piece of Christmas Past

A family picture at Christmas in 1977 with the center of attention being 4 month old Norah Lee.  Her other set of grandparents, Lewin and Jeanann,  are to the left of Sherry and Norah.  I am on the right with her daddy Barclay behind me.  Grandpa Ray is in the front next to Uncle Bill.  Doesn't Christmas become more magical when there are little ones to help celebrate?  I also want to call attention to one of the many  decorations I have made over the years.  Right above Barclay's arm is a golden tree.   Somewhere I read that you could buy one of those old bamboo rakes with the handle that looked like a cane fishing pole, take the rake end off and screw it on part of the handle upside down then spray paint it gold.  Final step was to glue little gold ornament balls randomly on it and you have a golden Christmas tree.  That one was kind of cute!  However, another project I did was stick the round toothpicks all over plastic foam balls, then pile them in a cone shape and spray paint it white - a toothpick tree!!  However, I should have stuck glue on the ends of the toothpicks and did not do that.  It was shortlived! I don't even think there is a picture of it.  I think I have pictures with glimpses of some other crafty things done over the years and will post them later. 
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