Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Pictures of Some of the Past

This is the full picture that I have been using in the header for this blog for the holidays,  and it is of the living room of my grandparents, Dan and Maggie Pearce, sometime in the early 1900's - probably twenty or more years before I was born.  They still had the piano and victrola when I was a little kid and woud go down to stay with them from time to time - some of my very favorite memories. 

In this day and age and for many years gone by, there are many, many pictures taken at Christmas, other holidays and family gatherings.  (I will say that the Pearce family did take a lot of  pictures over the years and that is the reason for this blog!)  However, there is not a single picture anywhere of any Christmas when I was a child growing up from early childhood until the time I was married.  There are many memories but nothing to look at where our family is shown,  a tree can be seen, old gifts recalled - a complete lack of documentation.   I have quite a few pictures of Christmases with our kids although not nearly as many that are taken in this time of digital cameras  and unbelievable technology.  Taking wonderful pictures with a phone blows my mind.  I was born just before the big depression and my father was out of work for a long time.  My parents always struggled with the lack of funds so we were not showered with a lot of gifts as some of the young ones are in this day and age.  Regardless, I have lots of lovely memories of Christmas when I was growing up.  I just wish there were actual pictures to look at.   (Click to enlarge)

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  1. I suppose I can reveal my age here - 62 - and I too have many memories of Christmas when I was a young child, and they are some of the best memories I have - back when I used to believe in Santa Claus. There are a few photos, both of the early ones (when I was four) and later into my young teens. Then the photos began to taper off as Santa didn't visit even the younger siblings.

    My oldest sister (a year younger) still has some of the vintage decorations - a bubbler light set from Noma, a church with stained 'glass' windows complete with steeple and a little bell (you put a tree light in the church), a little cardboard house with cellophane windows that had snow in the corners of the windows and on the roof.

    Hard to forget, isn't it?