Friday, December 10, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday

Happy PFF

Here is a cute little card.  I love the message on the back (I believe it reads "I hope you get lots of toys and things for Christmas.  I don't expect much of anything.  Truly---"   I can't make out the name.    That is a sad little message - was he (or she) naughty or was it the circumstances of the family situation. 
Just can't quite figure this card out.  Do you think the little cherubs are full of Christmas "cheer"?  How I love looking through the old postcards!   Thanks to Beth at  for hosting! 


  1. I still have to use IE to be able to post a comment, but I can't resist your great cards, Carol. The top one includes the word TOYS, which is what I'm posting today, so I thought maybe you influenced me in my decision! Have a great day and weekend.

  2. Wonderful cards. Love the toys in the first one and the second ... too funny ... a little too much Christmas Cheer! Happy PFF!

  3. How cute! The top one reminds me of illustrations in children's story books. I wish I'd kept some of them that my grandmother handed down to me.

  4. Both cards are cute and especially the first one is well designed. And I hope these cherubs still can shoot straight. However, there is a campaign here to alcohol breaks more (relationships) than you think.

  5. What cute cards... I love the second one...TFS

    Happy PFF!