Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three More Backyard Pictures

Here are more "backyard" pictures from long, long ago. This is my brother, Bud, when he was a little guy maybe 10, 11 - somehwere around there. He has his earflaps up on his cap and his hands in his pockets so must not have put on his gloves. Off in the background, you can see the row of cottages along the Illinois River. Most of them were summer cottages and there were many of them between Peoria and Chillicothe.
Here is my sister, Joanne "Jo" posting at a different time of year. She must have been in her late teens when this was taken.
Here I sit on a box wearing my dad's shirt, rolled up jeans, a headscarf and my ever present mocassins which I wear to this day. Minnetonka mocs - I started wearing them when I was about 13 years old and they cost $2.98. Today they are around $30 a pair, but they still have the little beaded thunderbird on them. I may have posted about them before, but about 12 years ago I discovered duct tape and that makes them last much longer. I always wear holes in the bottom (I like the ones without soles) and duct tape cures that for some time. Gosh, maybe I should have put this on Funoldhag for Fashion Friday!! (Click to enlarge)

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