Monday, April 5, 2010

This Time They're Not Smiling

Going through the old albums is, of course, a trip down memory lane. Sometimes you just glance at the photos and really not take them in completely. Thus it was with this picture and the one below. It looks as if it were a lovely summer day in Ft. Madison, Iowa - most likely Sunday before or after church. Mom and Dad probably decided it was time to take some pictures of the family. Dad's turn first - and here is Ray with Sherry on one side and Bill on the other. Sherry looks glum and Bill has a very serious look on his face, also. Scroll down and see..........
that it's Mom's turn to have her picture taken with her two little kids. Thrilled to be posing? They most definitely are not. Sherry has about the same pouty expression and Bill is out and out and crying. Mom? Smiling through it all. I have no idea what was making them so very unhappy. Quite a contrast to the picture in the previous post. I think these are such fun - that's how family life is. (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Well I am sure that they saw the neighbor kids already changed into play clothes and outside having fun, not posing for pictures with mom and dad in their sunday best. lol