Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rome Grade School, District 29

What a long, long time ago! I know I have posted this on my other blog, but this absolutely has to be here with all the other old photos. This was taken when the one-room school was remodeled into a two room school by extending the stage, putting in a partition and hiring another teacher to join Miss Placher. Opal Claypool taught fifth through eighth grades on the stage portion. I was a fifth grader at the time. Miss Claypool was a wonderful teacher - as was Evelyn Placher Gerstner. My little brother, Bud, is fifth from the right in the first row and Joanne, my little sister, is the second little girl in the second row. I am the seventh girl from the left and am standing in the crook of Sally's arm that is on a brace. Sally had polio and her arm was paralyzed. When we were eighth graders, she went to Shriner's Hospital in Chicago for surgery and, although she could not use her arm, she was able to do away with the brace. Sally married, had children, and unless you knew it, chances are you would not notice her arm.
This picture was most likely the fall of 1939. Looks like enrollment was up at Rome School. Bud is the little boy in the light clothing in the first row and right behind him is Jo. I am fourth from the right in the last row. Looks like my hair had grown longer. I would have been in sixth grade in this picture. The following year, they added a brick two room addition on the front of the old school and Evelyn taught 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th in one room and I believe there was a new teacher that year, Miss Alvord, that taught, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. So I was back with Evelyn for the last two years in elementary school. She was one great teacher. (Click to enlarge)

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