Saturday, April 17, 2010

Julia's Autograph Book

Here is Julia, my husband's grandmother, in one of those charming old cabinet photographs, which is what I think they are called.

In Ray's mother's things was a worn and tattered old, old autograph book that belonged to Julia. It was at one time red velvet but all the fuzzy red is worn away almost entirely.

If you enlarge the pictures, you can easily read the verses written in this lovely old gem. This one was written in 1906, over one hundred years ago, by Ray's Aunt Leatha, his mom's sister, who was just a little girl at the time. She wrote a very common little verse. I wonder if people still have autograph books like that anymore.This one was written in 1898 (can't quite tell for sure) and the wording is so formal and solemn. People were so much more formal back in that time.

One more page written very formally. The penmanship back then was outstanding. I will scan some more pages soon and post a few more. There is one written by Ray's mom, too, when she was very small. (Click to enlarge)

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