Wednesday, April 7, 2010

William Barnes & Family

In with the pictures from Ray's side of the family, I found this portrait of the William Barnes family. I do not know whether or not they were related to either side of Ray's family. They very well could have been. However, I thought it was a neat old picture and kept it. Aside from the "Wm. Barnes & family" written on the back, there was also written "Miss Mamie Barnes, Brimfield, Ills" and "Laura Barnes, city". Possibly those were two of the daughters in the back row. I love the patterned dress worn by the mother and what about that moustache on Dad? The photographer was from Farmington, Illinois, and I don't think that is far from Brimfield. Anyway, it's a neat very old photo. Hope you enjoy it. (Click to enlarge)

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