Friday, April 9, 2010

The Kids in Ft. Madison, Iowa

Two pictures with the only connection being that they were taken while we lived in Ft. Madison. This first one was most definitely taken at Christmas time, since I normally didn't have little dabs of cotton snow and glitzy window pane separations in the front window. Our little neighbor girls, Melinda and Jan, must have each found a new bike under their tree from Santa. Sherry is looking so cute in her plaid dress and saddle shoes and is holding a pretty little doll that she must have found from Santa. In fact, I think it must be the little Betsy McCall that is still around someplace. It was so darling and had some very cute clothes. Bill is all smiles as he has pulled his pistols out of the holster. Looks like they are tied around his leg, too. Cowboys need guns if they are going to fight Indians. Cops and Robbers was another game kids played - probably pretty tame in comparison to some of the video games nowadays.
I am not sure where we were going or if we were just down to the depot to pick up Dad. This might have been taken the time we took the train to Chicago with another family and visited the museums. It's a cute shot of the kids and a nice picture of the depot in Ft. M. (Click to enlarge)

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  1. How cute are the girls with their new bikes and your 2 children with their toys. I don't see any snow on the ground, obviously not our Michigan, huh. We use to have every Christmas white with snow and drifts when I was small, and oh it was so very much fun to get a new doll and a sled.