Saturday, April 10, 2010

More of the Old Ads

Three more old ads that would never see the light of day anymore. Things have certainly changed and keep changing.
And of course we must be on our toes and always be gorgeous or no one will love us anymore.

And here is the secret to weight control - according to this ad. Just a little added memory - after the second world war started, Lucky Strike changed the color of the background of the pack to white. It had a new slogan - something like "Lucky Strike Green has gone to war". All the tobacco companies sent lots and lots of cigarettes to the fellows in service. Why they changed color, I don't know. Hope you enjoy these funky old ads.


  1. Stunning. And yet they still try to make women feel bad about themselves with advertising. Of course they equally try to make men look stupid. How can you sell junk if you don't convince people they're in need of it.

    Yup, Lucky Strikes. Addicted my dad for 20 some years.

    Fun ads.

  2. the colour green was made of coper, which was used in the war for weapons and munition. so the slogan 'lycky strike green had gone to war' is referring to the copper that was needed in the war and they suggest that was the reason for changing the colour to white.