Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Family Portrait

This is my husband's paternal grandparents and their family. His grandfather is sitting on the ground with the dog and his grandmother is the lady to the left. Ray always referred to them as "Grandpa and Grandma Barney" which was a nickname of sorts. On the left would be his uncle, Art, another uncle, "Cotton", and I am not sure of the little girl. She may have been Ruby. The next two I am not sure of. There were three more boys that I know of - Harold, Charlie and Harry, Ray's father. One of them is not there unless he is the little boy standing by Ethel, another aunt. If that were the case, I think the dark haired fellow would be Ray's dad and the one in the suspenders would be Charlie. The shadow in the foreground? Have no idea who would be taking the group shot.
This may have been taken the same day. What a great old car! I am thinking Charlie is at the wheel but don't know who the passengers are. The shadow may be that of the same photographer. (Click to enlarge)

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