Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Party Time at the Pearces'

I kind of think this might have been a Halloween party judging from the outfits worn by most of the partygoers. The lady on the right in the front row - I am trying to decide what is going on there. Surely she has some stuffing in her blouse! And I think some sort of makeup on her face.
My mom is the girl far left in the middle row with kind of a silly expression on her face. The little gal just right of the pointed hat is hamming it up royally. Betcha they had a good time together at the party.
Written on a picture directly back of the photo above, is a list of the party girls. The two Monch girls would have been cousins of my mom and her sister, Nelle, who evidently took the photo. There are two Wiltz's and they would be related to the man my Aunt Nelle married. The names Roth and McGann are familiar to me, also, as I can remember hearing those names way, way back. And the girl called Katz has her name crop up in the pictures every so often. The list on the back also pinpoints the place the party was held - 319 Behrends Avenue, the Pearce home. Enjoy the goofy girls. (Click to enlarge)

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