Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vintage Sextist Ads

Here are two very frightened ladies on a chair after seeing a mouse. They should be more frightened that the chair will break than fearing a little mouse
Don't you wonder how many "homely women" sent in $1.00, a 2 cent stamp and a self addressed envelope to find out all the wonderful things listed?

Here is the cure for "nerves" - a soak in the tub with a cake of Ivory Soap. Remember that, ladies, when you get a little crotchety with your family.

Oh, my heavens, Dad is as bad as Mom - maybe even worse. Look at him spanking that little kid. And drinking Sanka could have prevented all that. Another little group of ads that you don't see anymore in this day and age.


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  2. \Those ads are very funny. It seems that they were kind of mean to women in the past. I think that times have changed or we are being more careful, perhaps.

  3. LOL! those ads are hilarious!!