Sunday, May 16, 2010

Down on the Farm Much Earlier

A different farm and taken much earlier than the post preceding this. Here is Charlie, my dad, when he worked on the Benton farm in Rome, Illinois, sometime in the middle teens. I love the hat that he wears - he was a great looking young fellow.
Here he is again high atop the big wagon - that's really a tall one. In the background is the farmhouse. When we moved back to Chillicothe in 1984, we bought a house that was right up the street from that farmhouse which was still there but no longer a farm. Probably our yard was part of the farm in the early days.
Plowing - those are four big horses! Looks as if he knows how to work with them just great.
I found this picture of two contented looking cows and assume that they resided at the Benton farm, also.

This picture is much more recent - probably in the early seventies. I am not sure, but I think the tractor belonged to the people who owned the house my parents rented at that time. Anyway, Charlie looks right at home on that tractor, too. (Click to enlarge)

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