Friday, May 7, 2010

The Pearces in the News

My grandparents as I remember them from my childhood. This picture shows them holding a little fellow and they have written "Bud", but it looks much more like my cousin, Hap. Will have to ask my brother what he thinks. Following are some very old, very yellow old newspaper clippings of events in the lives of the Pearces. The first one is the announcement of Dan and Maggie's marriage.

Next, an account of a trip taken. That was a lot of miles to drive back in those days.

When my grandfather was on the Peoria City Council, this article was in the Peoria paper. At the time, he was Superintendent of the Garbage Department. Dan was very politically minded.

Here is his card when he ran for City Treasurer. I think he had a third grade education - my mother went to school through the 8th grade. Times were much different back then.
The next article announces the birth of my cousin in California, the first grandchild.
Finally, the wedding announcement of my Uncle Ed and Aunt Henrietta.
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  1. Carol - that is so cool that you have all those clippings! thanks for sharing....Jewels

  2. These are wonderful! I especially love the line "After the ceremony was performed supper was spread to about fifty guests." Lovely.