Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Family Fifty-nine Years Ago

This would have been the winter of 50-51 when Ray and I were married just over a year and I was pregnant with Sherry who was born in June of 1951. We lived in an apartment owned by an Italian couple, Sam and Rena Marini. They lived on the main floor and had a spaghetti restaurant in the basement. What great food Rena cooked! The house was on the "old hard road" that ran right along the river. In the picture, you can see the seawall and the river right there. Ray and I are on the left, my sister, Joanne, has her hair in a bandana, then Nan and Charlie (our mom and dad) and brother Bud. My Aunt Nelle and her husband, Lambert, were back from California for a visit. I only saw Nelle maybe twice in my life.
Here is a picture of four of the Pearce siblings - Leah, Ed, Nan and Nelle. I will post two more pictures later on that shows all of the siblings and Maggie, my grandmother, at a dinner we had at Marini's. In that picture everyone is there with the exception of Dan, my grandfather, who was deceased, and my Aunt Del, Uncle Harry's wife, and I don't know why she was unable to make it. So long, long ago. (Click to enlarge)


  1. I'm imagining the spaghetti restaurant in the basement. Ahhhh, the smells must have been wonderful wafting through the vents and windows.

  2. and the smells and to be Pregnant---ohhhh how tempting was that.