Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Big Four

Big 4 Quartette 

Billing themselves as '800 pounds of harmony,' Chillicothe, Illinois' Big Four became Sweet Adelines Quartette Champs in 1953. Fine singers and entertainers, they appeared on tv with Jack Paar, Steve Allen, Arthur Godfrey and Dave Garraway of the 'Today Show' to name just a few. The Big Four are Bertha Bradley, bass, Sarah LeMaster, baritone, Inez 'Junior' Thompson, lead, and Lucille Miller and Mary Waters sharing the tenor duties.   By the pound or by any other measure, this is Entertainment!
What fun these four ladies must have had traveling and singing!
Sarah, the lady standing in the middle of the picture, was the mother of a boy in my class in high school.  Dick LeMaster was a very talented fellow and made a name for himself in the world of carving duck decoys.  He wrote at least one book that I know of.  Dick drew illustrations for our high school newspaper and it was fascinating to watch him draw.  I had a cute little furry skunk pin that I wore on my coat.  He drew that on my notebook cover and named it Stinky - and thereafter his family called me Stinky anytime they saw me.  Silly little story, but the kind of thing that sticks in your memory over the years.

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  1. Yep that's a lot of "woman" LOL...thanks for sharing Carol