Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some Little Kids from Long Ago

Ain't she sweet?  I found this darling little gal on the internet quite some time ago and thought she was about as cute as you can get.  I figure she is somewhere around my age - which is almost 84 - since there is a picture of me on my bedroom wall that shows a very similar haircut and it appears we are about the same size.
Here is another cute little girl - this time it is actually me, but not the one in my bedroom.  Don't you think there is a similarity between these two little girls?  I would venture to say this was taken in one of those photobooths that were all over the ten cent stores back in the days. I think I am wearing a snowsuit of some sort.
Another little girl - adorable with curly hair!!!!   That was just about the time Shirley Temple reigned as the darling of the movies and all little girls wanted her curls.  What a sweet smile, pose and hairbow!   I think these little girls are all three as cute as buttons.  Hope you enjoyed meeting them.