Friday, October 19, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

Getting close!  I love vintage Halloween cards!   Here is a very cute one but no message on the back.  So I looked further and found another--

 Another cute card which does not have a message either, but it does have something very interesting--
This looks like it is being used for a dance card - and it looks like S. King is the
one who has asked for the most dances!  Doesn't it make you wonder where the party was, who S. King was and who was the girl who had her dance card filled?
Sweet.  Happy PFF and thank you, Beth.  Go to
and check out the other postcards for today.  Have a great weekend.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fred and Ginger

Here is a Piece of the Past that will set your feet tapping!  Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers swing dancing most likely in the thirties.  You can find the greatest stuff on YouTube!  Make it full screen and enjoy! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Encore Run of Injun Summer

For some reason or other, I got to thinking about something I used to see in a newspaper every year when I was a little girl back in Rome, Illinois. We took the Peoria paper, but on Sunday Dad usually went "uptown" to Chillicothe and bought a copy of the Chicago Tribune which had marvelous funnies. The Katzenjammer Kids, Fritzy Ritz, and Brenda Starr. Wow, a bonanza. (Brenda may have been in the Peoria paper, but that's neither here nor there. I loved her especially when there were paper dolls!!) I could recall seeing in a supplement to the paper a cartoonlike picture of a cornfield in the moonlight with dreamlike visions but couldn'temember exactly what it was like. I knew it was very fallish and sweet.
So, a little while ago I decided you can find anything on the internet - and started putting phrases in the search box. I tried "cornfield in the moonlight", etc., and did get some pictures that did fit the description but not the one I remembered. Then a phrase popped into my head - Indian Summer - and lo and behold up came the top picture with the address of a blog and I went there to find "Injun Summer", my picture - two of them - that I remembered from so long ago. This really is a "piece of my past" and conjurs up memories of the fall in Rome (Illinois, that is) in a much simpler time. There was an orchard behind our old house and I can still remember the smell of apples that were frozen on the trees and how wet the long grass was when you walked through the orchard. Read more about Injun Summer on My Over the Fence blog.

(I did this post originally in November of 2010 -  thought it might be a good time of year to bring it forward)