Saturday, May 31, 2014

Postcard Friendship Friday (on Saturday)

Here is a sweet little card courtesy Card Cow that speaks of spring.  This past week I did some flower shopping -- a pretty hanging basket to hang on the hanger on my privacy fence -- and some flowers to plant in the big container just off my patio.   I have a very pretty basket hanging by my front door.  That was a mother's day present from my daughter and son-in-law.  I probably will buy two or three more hanging baskets and then call it a day.  It is not as easy to do a lot of gardening as it has been in the past and I have had more than my share of flowers.  Gardening has been a great love of my life ever since I was in my late twenties so I have almost sixty years of it that I have enjoyed.
Here is the back showing the message Elsie sent Isabel  back in 1908.  Elsie had pretty penmanship which is very clear, unlike many of the old postcard messages.

Thanks to Beth for being our hostess on PFF.  Drop over to her blog and see the other postcards listed there.  Have a great weekend.

Friday, May 30, 2014

From Funoldhag Fashion Friday

(I will continue to feature one of the Fashion Friday posts on Funoldhag that I did for a long time.   To refresh your memory, Leah was my dear aunt - the youngest sister of my mother, Nan Pearce Droll.  She was my favorite aunt and I so loved being around her.)

Leah, Nan's lovely younger sister and also kind of a tomboy, is shown here wearing an outfit featuring a sailor collar and either a skirt or bloomers of some sort - can't really tell - and looking ready to take part in a game of football! Aunt Leah, you're a cutie! I know her brother, Ham, was a football player in highschool so that is probably his ball.

Here she is wearing a very pretty white summer frock, high button shoes and a big taffeta bow in her hair looking very feminine and sweet.
My mom's family took a lot of pictures and were pretty good about identifying the subjects. As you can see, many times it was on the front of the photo!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Postcard Friendship Friday

Way back when I was a little girl, this would have been just a weekend - not a holiday one.  The holiday even had a different name and fell on the weekday that it happened to be on during the current year.   It was called Decoration Day back then and I remember everyone hoping the peonies would be in bloom for that day to decorate the graves of the veterans and also those of other loved ones gone before.  Since then, it has become one of the holidays that has a variable date to enable people to have a nice three day weekend at the start of summer as has Labor Day also being adjusted to give a nice long weekend at the end of summer.    So here is a very pretty card for "Decoration Day".

Hattie sent this message to Maude on the postcard a long, long time ago.  I cannot make out the date on the postmark.

Have a great weekend.  Stop by to see other postcards--maybe not ones for Decoration Day, but great ones regardless.  Thanks, Beth, for being our hostess!

Monday, May 19, 2014

From Funoldhag Fashion Friday

(As I start posting again to Pieces of the Past, I am continuing to feature old family pictures that I used each Friday on my blog, Funoldhag.  I don't think most of these made it to this blog;  but, if they did, it will be fun to  see them again.)_

Today our sweet little models are Nan and Nelle Pearce, my mom and my aunt, when they were very young little girls back in the late 1890's.  I have this picture in a pretty old antique frame hanging by my fireplace in a group of other old photos.  This is so sweet.  Nan is wearing a dark long dress with a lace trimmed collar.  Nelle wears a lighter colored dress with a double ruffle feature around the neck and shoulder line.  Both little girls appear to be in awe of the camera - do you suppose it was one of those that the photographer went under a dark cover when the picture was being taken?  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Big Four

Big 4 Quartette 

Billing themselves as '800 pounds of harmony,' Chillicothe, Illinois' Big Four became Sweet Adelines Quartette Champs in 1953. Fine singers and entertainers, they appeared on tv with Jack Paar, Steve Allen, Arthur Godfrey and Dave Garraway of the 'Today Show' to name just a few. The Big Four are Bertha Bradley, bass, Sarah LeMaster, baritone, Inez 'Junior' Thompson, lead, and Lucille Miller and Mary Waters sharing the tenor duties.   By the pound or by any other measure, this is Entertainment!
What fun these four ladies must have had traveling and singing!
Sarah, the lady standing in the middle of the picture, was the mother of a boy in my class in high school.  Dick LeMaster was a very talented fellow and made a name for himself in the world of carving duck decoys.  He wrote at least one book that I know of.  Dick drew illustrations for our high school newspaper and it was fascinating to watch him draw.  I had a cute little furry skunk pin that I wore on my coat.  He drew that on my notebook cover and named it Stinky - and thereafter his family called me Stinky anytime they saw me.  Silly little story, but the kind of thing that sticks in your memory over the years.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Postcard Friendship Friday

It has been a long, long time since I did a post on Pieces of the Past.  I really should work on this blog more although I have about exhausted the old pictures that I have.  Maybe I can find a different direction to go. Would love to have you visit my blog  Funoldhag  anytime!

This postcard is to wish a Happy Anniversary to Beth and her husband!!  May they have many, many more.