Friday, October 19, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

Getting close!  I love vintage Halloween cards!   Here is a very cute one but no message on the back.  So I looked further and found another--

 Another cute card which does not have a message either, but it does have something very interesting--
This looks like it is being used for a dance card - and it looks like S. King is the
one who has asked for the most dances!  Doesn't it make you wonder where the party was, who S. King was and who was the girl who had her dance card filled?
Sweet.  Happy PFF and thank you, Beth.  Go to
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fred and Ginger

Here is a Piece of the Past that will set your feet tapping!  Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers swing dancing most likely in the thirties.  You can find the greatest stuff on YouTube!  Make it full screen and enjoy! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Encore Run of Injun Summer

For some reason or other, I got to thinking about something I used to see in a newspaper every year when I was a little girl back in Rome, Illinois. We took the Peoria paper, but on Sunday Dad usually went "uptown" to Chillicothe and bought a copy of the Chicago Tribune which had marvelous funnies. The Katzenjammer Kids, Fritzy Ritz, and Brenda Starr. Wow, a bonanza. (Brenda may have been in the Peoria paper, but that's neither here nor there. I loved her especially when there were paper dolls!!) I could recall seeing in a supplement to the paper a cartoonlike picture of a cornfield in the moonlight with dreamlike visions but couldn'temember exactly what it was like. I knew it was very fallish and sweet.
So, a little while ago I decided you can find anything on the internet - and started putting phrases in the search box. I tried "cornfield in the moonlight", etc., and did get some pictures that did fit the description but not the one I remembered. Then a phrase popped into my head - Indian Summer - and lo and behold up came the top picture with the address of a blog and I went there to find "Injun Summer", my picture - two of them - that I remembered from so long ago. This really is a "piece of my past" and conjurs up memories of the fall in Rome (Illinois, that is) in a much simpler time. There was an orchard behind our old house and I can still remember the smell of apples that were frozen on the trees and how wet the long grass was when you walked through the orchard. Read more about Injun Summer on My Over the Fence blog.

(I did this post originally in November of 2010 -  thought it might be a good time of year to bring it forward)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

Here in the part of Michigan where I live,  it seems as if autumn came rushing in the door early this week.  All of a sudden the leaves are really turning, the weather is lovely and my favorite time of the year is here.  I love the colors, the temperatures and even rainy fall days.  It has been ever thus with me.  So thought I would find a postcard that says "Autumn" and this little card  with the cute squirrels gobbling the acorns seems to fill the bill perfectly.
The back of the card from Roger Day (I think) - what do you suppose it means in the lower left corner?  Why shouldn't Arla and Frank write?  Don't you love the little messages on the cards?  Gives you food for thought.

Happy PFF and Happy Autumn.  Thank you Beth for hosting.  Stop by her blog and check out the other postcards on this Friday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Hearted Paper Dolls

When I was in grade school in Rome, Illinois, in the 1930's and early 1940's, my siblings and I certainly did not have a lot of toys, books and games that the kids of today have.  Our parents were recovering from the big depression.  However, that does not mean that we were unhappy or bored or felt cheated.  We each had a bicycle (I was 10 when I got mine) a big yard and the riverbank where we could play and lots of kids in the little town of Rome in the same boat as we were that we could play with.  One of my loves in life was paper dolls - if I ever got a dime (sometimes my grandfather gave me one) I would go to the dimestore and buy a book of paper dolls.  I remember having Gone With the Wind and King George and his family which included Queen Elizabeth of today as a little girl along with her sister Margaret.  They were in my age bracket and Margaret Rose and I had the same birthdate.  Then there were the free paper dolls that were in the Sunday "funny papers".   My dad usually bought the Sunday Chicago paper which I think was the  Herald American.  There was the Tribune, also, and he may have bought both, but I am not certain about that.

Jane Arden - the doll above - was in the paper a lot.  Jane was sweet and fun to have, but she wasn't my favorite.
Here is my favorite - Brenda Staar with the redhair and sparkle in her eye.  I loved it when there was a new Brenda paper doll!  I had a friend who was a year younger than I who also was paper doll crazy and we would play with them for hours.  Her name was Fern Davis and Fern and I would  design dresses for them, color them and cut them out.  We were also into movie star pictures.  I was kind of envious of Fern because she had scrapbooks for individual stars and couples while my pictures were in a big box.  I spent many fun hours with Fern! 
Gorgeous!!  Brenda and wedding dresses.
And then there was Mopsy - or Flapper Fanny in the earlier days.  So darling.  I wonder if little girls still play with paper dolls--I think I was still playing with them in late elementary school.  At that time it was more the designing and coloring of the clothes but it was still fun.  I will always have a softspot for those little paper people!!
This picture is in an earlier post, but here we are - me and Fern Davis!  Fern lived across the street from our grade school which you can see in the background.  It had gone from a one-room school to a four-room school.  Happy Days!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Postcard Friendly Friday

 Friday is almost over,  but here is a cute moon picture on this day of August's blue moon.  Love the message of the "heartbroken Romeo" to his Sue.  An adorable card and fun message.
Thank you,  Beth, at for hosting.  Go to her blog and check out the postcards listed there.  Happy PFF!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Out of the Past Sewing Related Pieces

Pinterest is such a fun place - such wonderful pictures to look at and enjoy.   I have one board I call "For Old Sew and Sews" and that's where I pin great pictures of lovely, nostalgic items dealing with sewing.  Above is an old sewing basket - there are many of these great old items.  I have one that I have had for many years and it sits on the table in my living room holding odds and ends relating to my sewing and quilting.
Here is a beautiful spool cabinet.  These sat on counters in general stores and department stores holding thread.  Lovely piece.  across all  three drawers. 

Here is my spool cabinet.  It has glass in the drawers and I had enough of the old wooden spools (have been sewing for 65 or more year) to line the fronts.  We put legs on this, but they can be taken off easily one day if so desired.  Below is the first chamber pot in my collection.  On top, my wonderful $1.50 pitcher and bowl from an old hotel in Ft. Madison.  My start into a modest collection of cool antiques.
I learned to sew on a machine like this - the old treadle.  They did a beautiful job and many of them are still around.
One of the reasons I so love Pinterest.  What a gorgeous wreath made from old wooden spools of thread!  How neat is this?  I would hang this in my house anytime, but don't have enough old spools to make one even if I took them out of my spool cabinet!   If you would like to check out my boards on Pinterest, click on the button at the top of my sidebar and you will go there.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

Found this cute old postcard that is rather timely since school will be starting soon.  Cardcow has such fun cards when you search around a while - and, as I've said before - I love the ones with messages.
Whoever is sending this to Miss Mary (maybe her mom?) notes "You know dear Royal will like you better if you follow this advice."    Funny little card.  Thanks to our hostess Beth - stop by at  and check out this weeks cards.  Happy PFF!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love the Twenties and Thirties

Source: via Carol on Pinterest
 Here is a cute video of people doing the Charleston back in the Roaring Twenties - great music and great dancing.  Just click on the picture and I think it will take you to my Pinterest page where you click on the picture again to get it started.  Enjoy. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

Here's a funny little card I found some time ago at Cardcow.   There are some great old postcards there and I especially like the ones that have been used.
Esther has written a message to Charley Parsons (maybe a brother?) about Cale (?) who I am thinking may be her son and his family, home and auto. She may stay all summer!  Fun to think about what the actual circumstances were behind the cards. No date - but from the pictures on the front probably in the early 1900's.

Thanks, Beth, for being our hostess.  To see the rest of the postcards, go to
Happy PFF.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some Little Kids from Long Ago

Ain't she sweet?  I found this darling little gal on the internet quite some time ago and thought she was about as cute as you can get.  I figure she is somewhere around my age - which is almost 84 - since there is a picture of me on my bedroom wall that shows a very similar haircut and it appears we are about the same size.
Here is another cute little girl - this time it is actually me, but not the one in my bedroom.  Don't you think there is a similarity between these two little girls?  I would venture to say this was taken in one of those photobooths that were all over the ten cent stores back in the days. I think I am wearing a snowsuit of some sort.
Another little girl - adorable with curly hair!!!!   That was just about the time Shirley Temple reigned as the darling of the movies and all little girls wanted her curls.  What a sweet smile, pose and hairbow!   I think these little girls are all three as cute as buttons.  Hope you enjoyed meeting them.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Memory from my Childhood

Taken probably in the very early 40's, this is a picture of some of us Rome girls after going to the Sunday School that was held at our grade school and taught by Kenny and Elmira Koch from Chillicothe.  As I was doing some of the few chores I do around the house anymore, I was thinking of life as a young girl in Rome and how almost all of us had very limited "wardrobes" - so much so that I can vividly remember some of the few clothes I wore that were so special.  We certainly did not get anything new very often.  Case in point - I am the girl with the majorette boots - I was so very proud of those boots.  Cannot imagine why I wanted them, but they certainly pleased me.  Most of us in Rome were pretty much in the same boat when it came to having a limited amount of clothes, etc., but we still had a good time and life was good. 

Some things that happen make an indelible impression on you.  The girl standing to my right is Mary.  Mary 's younger sister is at the left in the front row and she also had a sister my age, Sally, and a brother who was the youngest in the family.  Mary never, never or hardly ever got anything new!  She wore Sally's handmedowns and I suppose by the time she had outgrown them, they were too used up for her little sister, Elsa.  But one day, Mary did get a new outfit and I can almost see it.  It was what was known as a "bobby suit" - a two piece cotton outfit.  Her bobby suit was red and navy.  She was so proud and happy.  Then her mom washed it and it faded terribly.  That made me feel so bad for Mary - I have never forgotten that little story.  Even though it isn't a really great story, I will always remember how sorry I was that Mary's new dress was ruined. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

 I found this postcard on Card Cow - seems almost like a chain letter.  You can get free hot iron transfers for embroidery simply by addressing five postcards to five of your friends then send them in to Modern Handcraft along with 10 cents in stamps or coins (coins preferred).  You will then be mailed your free transfers.  And you shouldn't forget to send your name and address, too.  
Have a great PFF!  Thanks to Beth  for being our hostess!   Have a great weekend, everyone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fishing in Rome, Illinois, in 1907

From the book "Around Chillicothe, Illinois" by the Chillicothe Historical Society, comes this picture of a family with an amazing number of fish from the Illinois River at Rome (just south of Chillicothe and where I spent my childhood).  Looks as if they may have been caught on hook and line judging from the four poles in the picture.  The photo is labeled an hour's catch on Aug. 10,  1907, and the photo is courtesy of Dr. and Mrs. Baker.  It was 31 years later that we moved to Rome.  My father was an avid hunter and fisherman as posted earlier in my blog.  Hope these folks had a great fishfry and invited lots of folks to enjoy their catch of the day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Smilin' Jack

The other day when looking around on the net, something caught my eye and took me back to being a little girl again - a comic strip  that I used to read.  Here is handsome, dapper, brave Smilin' Jack.  I kind of think he probably was pretty well pleased with himself, also.
Now this is the fellow who stuck out in my mind and I couldn't for the life of me remember his name.  All I could remember was the chicken always there always ready to catch the button that popped off his shirt.  So I did some more searching and, lo and behold, his name is  Fat Stuff!
  I don't remember Dixie, but do remember Jack's "hill billy mechanic" Rufus Jimpson. 
Here's Jack in his goggles - just as handsome as ever.  Note that the strip started in the Chicago Tribune in December of 1933.  Long, long ago.  I probably was reading it in the late 30's and early 40's.  Lots of fun old comic strips back then - will look one up once in a while if folks enjoy this sort of thing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

While looking through albums the other day, I ran across this postcard from our son and his new bride sent from Aspen where they spent their honeymoon 31 years ago.  Bill has always and still has a great personality and is a fun guy!  He and Ann are a great couple.  Doesn't seem like 31 years have gone by since they were married. 
Have a great PFF and thanks Beth at for being our hostess.  Drop over and check out the postcards for this Friday, 

Monday, May 28, 2012

School Days in the 1940's

Waiting for the school bus in Rome at the corner by Blarney Castle are Audrey Claycomb (she evidently had spent the night with Mary Pasquay who is to the right), Claire Anderson and Joanne Droll, my sister.  There were two bus routes for the high school back then - the North Bus and the South Bus.  The north one collected the country kids in that direction first and those of us south were the last to get picked up.  It was reversed in the evening, so we got home last - in fact, our stop was almost the last one on the south route.
Not a good picture!  However, I just wanted to put it in the post.  Our bus driver for both routes and for the four years I was in high school was Glen Buckingham - fondly called Bucky!  What a nice fellow - everyone loved Bucky.
Another old picture I found.  The football team practicing in the field behind the high school.  I have no idea who the fellows in the picture are, but thought it was a good one to blog.  Probably Jack Mooney, Phil McCormick, Claude Mann, and some of the other fellows from my class are on the field.  Some years later, Ray and I bought the house across the side street from the high school that had been built by the building and trades class quite a bit earlier.  It was a fun place to live.  Our son, Bill, was just a little fellow and he would get so excited when the band practiced in the street in front of our house.  Marched up and down going "Boom, boom, boom""   Sweet memory.
One more picture I found that shows me and my paper doll buddy, Fern Davis, in her front yard.  Fern and I spent many hours drawing around dolls and designing and coloring clothes for them.  We also collected movie star pictures!  Fern had scrapbooks for the individual stars or star couples.  I was so in awe of that.  Mine were in a big box of some sort.   She lived across the street from the grade school in Rome which had become a four room school instead of one room.  The year I was a fifth grader, they built the stage out and walled it off and made two rooms.  Another teacher was brought in to fill that space.  Opal Claypool taught 5th through 8th on the stage and Miss Placher, who had been the sole teacher for a long time, taught the first four grades in the main room. When I was in the 7th grade, two new rooms were added on the front (which is the brick building behind Fern and me.  Miss Placher took 1,2, 7 and 8 and I think it was a Miss Alvord who took the other four.  So I was back with my original teacher in the last two years.  That was all so very long ago when life seemed to be much simpler than it is today. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Duck Hunting on the Illinois River

My father, Charlie Droll, hunted and fished on the Illinois River around Rome probably all of his life except for the later years. This is how I remember my dad and his hunting.  This picture was taken probably sometime while I was in high school in the 1940's.   He had a duck blind in front of the Lynch cottages that were through the orchard behind our house.  They owned our house, and Dad took care of the cottages and worked off the rent which was $10.00 a month, which doesn't sound like anything - but, believe me, it was.  My parents had gone into debt during the depression since Dad was without work for sometime.  So every little bit helped - and so did the ducks he brought down and the fish he caught which provided some of our meals along with the food from an enormous garden in the summer.  Mom canned and canned - a big job in the hot summertime.  Life was not easy for our parents. 

Back to the hunting - Dad carved his decoys that he used in his duck blind.  I can remember them so well, but I don't have one.  How I wish I did but they were all sold.  This book came out sometime after
1969 with articles about the decoy carvers of Illinois - and my dad is included in this book. I think if you click (just click once) on the page you should be able to read the article if you are interested. 
This tells about the decoys my dad made and how he went about making them.  I remember my brother or sister saying that in Dad's later years when he was in the nursing home  he could tell which decoys were his, if he were shown one,  by the lead weight he used.
This is one of his decoys as pictured in the book.  I can so remember the mallard ones - and I know there were canvasbacks, also.  I always though of them as much prettier than this little decoy shown here.   He was an artist in his own way.  I can remember watching him make big nets for fishing - it had to be a macrame of some sort--he used the two items in the following picture.  I don't know what the method was called.
And now a final picture - Dad's duck call.   I can still hear him as he used it.  There is an art to calling ducks to get them to fly toward your decoys around your blind.
I think I have posted some of this before, but it has been a long time ago and I wanted to include these pictures with the pictures of the book.   Very nice Pieces of the Past for me to think about.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

 There aren't nearly as many Mother's Day postcards as I thought there would be, and I'm not sure if this is actually one or not.  However, it looks to me to be a "perfect" picture of a family on the day moms are honored.  There she is with curlers in her hair receiving breakfast in bed  along with flowers, a gift and big smiles from her loving family.  Looks like Mother's Day to me!
Either mother or father's sister is sending the postcard to her niece from Stockholm  - a long, long way from South Dakota.  Can't make out the year on the postmark, but it was some time ago.

Happy PFF - and thanks again to our hostess, Beth.    Check out Beth's blog at  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Pots and Pans

Back to the old skate box that was under Clemie's sink--here is an old recipe book put out by Club Aluminum cookware which was so very popular around the time Ray and I were married.
A composite of the pieces available - my parents gave us several pieces as a wedding present.  I can remember the oval roaster and at least two covered saucepans which were the last pieces pictured beneath the coffee pot on the right.  I think they were the smallest and largest of the three.  There may have been a covered skillet, too.   This was very heavy duty cookware and I had it for ages, but I don't  remember what happened to it.
Remember Revereware?   This little saucepan and lid is like the one given to us by my Aunt Nelle in California when we were wed.  Yes, it's the Aunt Nelle who is pictured so many times in this blog.  I still have and still use this little old pan.  It's little bottom hasn't been polished in a long time (maybe I will get out an SOS pad and do that!) but it has certainly served me well over the years.  The handle is dull now since I do put it in the dishwasher.  It's been in my kitchens for almost 63 years!  I have a soft spot in my heart for this little pan.
Then there is Guardian Service - also aluminum and very, very heavy duty.  Ray's mother had some pieces of that and gave them to me.  There were a couple of sauce pans and a round skillet,  as I recall.  The one triangular shaped pot was not one that I had, but this picture shows the little black pieces that you put on the protrusions of the pans so you could lift them while they were hot.
Here is another pot showing the glass lid that came with the pieces.  I believe there were also metal lids.  You can see the metal handles on each side that would get very, very hot.
This gadget was to use as a handle for the ones used as frying pans. They thought of everything.  When I was looking around on the web, without reading very much, I gather that Guardian Service ware is quite collectible and rather pricey.  It was manufactured between the 1930's through 1950's.   Before we moved to Michigan,  I sold the pieces I had to my neighbor across the street who had some and loved it.