Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Families Unite

I will jump forward a bit and show these pictures of Nan and Charlie after they had met in Rome, Illinois.
This picture is at a ball game that will be shown in a later post. Of course, I can't say if this was before Mom and Dad were married or during their courting days. Dresses were shorter and so was hair.
This picture is in my other blog, but it is one that I just love. Mom gingerly holds a duck that got in the way of Dad's shot. He loved hunting and fishing and did much of it. It looks like they are very much smitten with each other, and I would assume this was taken during courting days. I have always thought the lady walking up the hill is my grandmother, Maggie, but of course don't know for sure. Probably came down to see the duck!
Here is the marriage license. I know they did not have a big wedding and remember Mom telling me both witnesses were men. Closely looking at the original license, I see that they were George and Frank. As mentioned before, my parents were the same age by two or three months and were 27 when they married.
So now the Pearces and Caroline and Felix's families are connected. (Click pictures to enlarge)

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