Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Sionilli - Post 1

I will switch families now and post some of the Pearce family. They had a cottage north of Peoria in the little village of Rome. It was the Sionilli - Illinois spelled backward. This is a picture of that cottage, but those are not the Pearces - at least not my grandparents and family. I recognize no one so don't know if these folks were company, former owners or future owners. The picture is here for the cottage itself. There are a lot of photos of the family enjoying life on the Illinois River. This was only about 25 miles north of Peoria, but back in those days you can be sure that was quite a jaunt. Roads were narrow and cars slow.

Here is a photo of my Aunt Nelle, the girl on the right, and she has coralled her brothers, Ham and Ed (Ed really looks like he doesn't want to have his picture taken and has better things to do) and is holding them for a photo taking session. I don't know the other girl. My Aunt Nelle has an air about her in all of the pictures that is very classy, I think.

A group swimming and playing in the waters of the Illinois River with a steamboat in the background. Nice picture. More cottage pictures will come in future posts. (Click pictures to enlarge)

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