Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Pictures of Charlie

Here is my dad, Charlie, with an unknown woman and two unknown children. On the back of the picture is written - "I wonder whose feet Peg is looking at? (Charlie's?) I fear your arm is out of place." So, Peg must be the little girl looking down at his feet. The other child and pretty lady are a mystery.
My dad and another lady - also unknown. I think he may have been kind of a lady's man, don't you? Dad actually was married before he married my mother. His first wife was Lillian and she died after they had been married just six months. Very sad. She was said to have died of "consumption" which I think may have been tuberculosis. So, I am always wondering which of the women in several of the pictures is Lillian. She was actually an aunt of my brother-in-law. Her sister was someone we knew well and I showed her some of the pictures but she did not know if any of them was Lillian. So it's something that will be a mystery.
Here's Charlie kicking up his heels with his jaunty straw hat on.
I am kind of thinking "Lyle Lovett" here only Dad is much better looking. He is with his brother-in-law, Joe Thorne, in this photo. (Click pictures to enlarge)


  1. Hi- Jewels send me over because she knows I love old pictures. If there's a box full of old pictures at an estate sale or auction, I'll try to buy it. Your pictures are a special treat because you know the people in the pictures. I haven't looked at all your posts yet, but I have a curiousity type question- do you know why your family happened to take so many pictures? Did they just enjoy it, did someone work at a drugstore so it was easy to get them processed, or did you have some scrapbookers in your family?

    I'm off to look at some more of your pictures and read the stories that go with them.