Friday, July 17, 2009

319 Behrends Avenue at an Earlier Time

Earlier pictures of my grandparents home. I am thinking that of the two pictures in this post this must have been a later one since it looks as if the street is paved and the trees are gone.
Here you can see the dirt streets that run beside and in front of the houses, although there are sidewalks. This was probably before automobiles or before many folks had them. The garages or buildings behind the houses were really big and all looked like barns. An alley ran behind the garages and I can remember that my grandmother found an old sweeper someone had put out for the trash. She brought it home, fixed it and used it. I also can remember seeing her sitting on the upstairs windowsill with her feet hanging inside the house and that is how she washed the upstairs window-----most likely had her "dustcap" on, too. (Click to enlarge)

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  1. The little town that I grew up in had lots of houses like that- big garage in the back that you accessed via an alley.

    I'm so glad I have an automatic garage door opener!