Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Pearce Siblings

Anna "Nan" Elizabeth Pearce, born December 29, 1894, and Nelle Martha Pearce, born
November 14, 1893Nan, Harry Arthur Pearce, born February 24, 1900, Leah Aileen Pearce, born September 28, 1901, and Nelle. It's a shame there is a flaw in the picture so that we can't see all of Leah's pretty little face.

I love this picture! Mom has lost one of the buttons on her coat. And look at the shoes - how long they look. Nan and Nelle look like maybe those shoes hurt their feet a little bit! Such cute little girls.This picture was always referred to as "The Stairsteps" and the new little one on the end is Edwin George Pearce born November 9, 1903. The age span between the eldest and youngest is ten years. Nan and Nelle are just a little over 13 months apart. This is another wonderful picture. (Click to enlarge

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