Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day in the Park

There are quite a few pictures of the Pearce family taken at Glen Oak Park in Peoria. I think it was a popular place to spend a Sunday afternoon. It was within walking distance of their home and I can remember my grandmother walking me over there when I was little. I can remember a monkey house, birds that called out "Five O'Clock", and the conservatory.
These pictures are in my other blog, but they should be here in Pieces of the Past, also. As I was doing a post for my first blog, I realized that I had three pictures of Mom in the same outfit and knew that they were all taken the same day and needed to be together. This one is of my mother, Nan, and a friend admiring the flowers in the conservatory at the park. Posing beside some greenery, Nan is looking very sweet in her lovely outfit.

The quartet of ladies that spent the afternoon at Glen Oak also included my Aunt Nelle, the girl sitting on the right side of the bench. I don't know the lady standing next to Nan.
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  1. Each time that i look at your famiy picture i have to wonder just where were they going. Were they picnicing, gathering to party, going on to the show? It just makes me wonder.