Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Unknown Subjects but Fun Pictures

I don't know Anna - I assume she may be my grandfather's neice - but I think she is adorable in her finery. Her hat is absolutely wonderful and I am sure she will show up one day on Funoldhag's fashion Friday even though she is here now. I don't think that is a live bird!
Nor do I know little Corrine - but she is so cute and all dressed up that I thought she deserved to be posted here for people to see. You can tell she feels so pretty in her lovely outfit - what a sweet little girl. I love her shoes.
Three more ladies in gorgeous outfits that are a mystery to me except for the one on the right who I think is a very good friend of my Aunt Nelle. I am pretty sure her first name is Ruth and she shows up in quite a few of the pictures I have. Looks like there are quite a few other ladies on the porch of the building in the background. That may be the big shelterhouse that overlooks the Illinois River on Grandview Drive Park in Peoria. It looks like you can see through it. And here is Ethel - another stranger to me but someone who was in the Pearces' lives. My brother scanned the back of the picture, also, and Ethel is lamenting the fact that her outfit is kind of out of style. Fun reading what was going on in a person's mind way back then.
Thought you might enjoy these even though I don't have an explanation of who these lovely ladies are. The clothes are so wonderful - although I am glad dressing is much more casual today. Sometimes it is actually a little too casual. Enjoy!! (Click pictures to enlarge)

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  1. Funny how being "in style" never goes "out of style" - I especially like the 3 mystery ladies!