Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Good Scouts

My husband and son, Ray and Bill, on our patio in Topeka, Kansas, back in the late 60's ready to go to a scout function.  Ray, who made Eagle Scout, was the neighborhood commissioner for Bill's troup at our church.  It was an active bunch with it's own campsite where they would head out hiking on the weekends sometimes.  Very good time in both of their lives.  The scouts really meant a lot to Ray since his father died when Ray was 12 so the men he was in contact with in the scouts were mentors and he valued their friendship and the interest they took in his life.  He even worked with a couple of them at the Santa Fe later on.   On a different note, I see there is a hat on the bench and I am wondering why and who it belongs to.  Surely Ray would not be wearing it with his uniform - both the guys have their scout caps in their belts.  One of life's unsolved mysteries!   Sorry about the flaw on the picture - I tried to remove it but was having no luck.  I would love to take some lessons in working on photos.  I can do some things but lots more that I would like to learn.   (Click to enlarge)


  1. Old photos are old photos, and I wouldn't worry about any minor flaws. Perhaps the hat (it looks like a Mountie hat) with a very narrow brim. These are called Montana Peaks (the hat) in this neck of the woods. Might it belong to the photographer?

  2. Love your blog Carol! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful life with us.