Monday, October 4, 2010

The Dionne Quintuplets

Here are pictures from the October 30, 1934, Peoria Star showing the Dionne quints who were born in Canada.  I was six years old and can remember hearing about their birth when I was staying overnight with my cousin, Barbara Jo, at her house in Peoria Heights. 

Just from the captions on these pictures and from bits and pieces I can remember over the years, those little girls were really exploited and I think their lives were affected so negatively from all the attention and being put on display as a tourist attraction, really.   They were the world's first surviving quints and were identical.  I have found a link that you might like to follow to read more about their births and lives.
 From these pictures, there was a private hospital built for them to live in. 

Doctor Dafoe who delivered the famous little girls (Yvonne, Cecile, Marie, Annette, and Emily) holds Yvonne.  Some of the items marketed for sale at the time were sets of five little baby dolls and later five little girl dolls.  I am sure there were paper dolls and many other things that little girls would want in the image of the quints.

Here they are probably around five years old.    I found the copy of the old paper when I was going through the bin with all of the old pictures.  I also have copies of the landing on the moon, JFK's assasnation, and several other huge events.  Along with the historic stories, it is interesting to read the ads and other items in the old newspapers.  Thought you might enjoy this piece of the past from around 76 years ago.  (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Aren't they just the cutest, I remember my mom and Grandma speaking of them. What a fascination they must have been.