Sunday, October 31, 2010


 More square dancing pictures!  It really was a big part of our lives and an enjoyable one.  The Star Promenaders had a Halloween party in 1961 - here we are as a horse of some kind or other.  Ray is the front and I am the rear end!  Just a quick sew thing with a separate hood featuring red yarn down the back for a mane.  Really a dopey costume but one that got lots of mileage over the years since the kids wore it at times. 
In this picture, you can see Kenny, our caller, at the far right.  He was such a good caller and such a great guy.
Some of the other dancers with really cute costumes.  Wonder what was supposed to be in this girls jug and who the dickens was she?  I can't remember.  Too long ago.
Getting the hall ready for the party.  On the left is my Ray and the other two kooks (I can call them that since they were very good friend and they really were kookie and lots of fun) are Bob and Harold.  I don't recognize the fellow reaching in for a baloon.  More lovely memories of days gone by.  Happy Halloween.  (Click to enlarge)

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