Friday, October 22, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday

An old postcard showing Multnomah Falls Near Portland,  Oregon, somewhere around 1920.  Our family was in Portland in August for the wedding of  Molly, my granddaughter, and Doug, my new grandson-in-law.  Some of the family took a little side trip for a hiking expedition to the falls  while we were there. 
The post card back describing the beautiful scene.

Isn't this gorgeous?   The back of the postcard shown next explains the rarity of this loveliness! 

 Thanks again, Beth, at for hosting this fun exchange.  Happy PFF.   (Click to enlarge)


  1. I love waterfalls! Great cards. Congratulations to your granddaughter and new grandson-in-law~! Happy PFF!

  2. Just imagine standing on that bridge with the power of the water rushing past. It must be awe-inspiring.

  3. Ditto to Snap and Sheila's comments! We have many waterfalls around Ithaca, but I've never seen a bridge placed like that! How phenomenal! Happy PFF!

  4. I've been to Multnomah Falls many times, a few of which were in winter. But not once did I see the falls with THAT much ice! Some, yes. But wow. That must have been one cold winter!

    My own Multnomah Falls story - as a teenager I climbed the 3 mile trail to the very top, crawled under the retaining fence, and sat on the rock at the top with my feet hanging over the edge. Something I cringe about now.